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Personalized Wedding Hashtags, Are They Worth It?

Personalized Wedding Hashtags, Are They Worth It?

At Wedding DJ Plus often times we are asked by clients the above question in terms of planning their wedding. It mostly comes from clients that are not too involved with social media and don’t really see the value in it. Here are the responses we usually reply with. We’re positive they will convince you too.


It’s a great way to add some FUN! –  A creative and unique wedding hashtag is honestly the best way to add a cherry on top of the wedding cake, figuratively speaking of course. When your hashtag is pun-worthy and humorous, it not only keeps people talking but also engaged and entertained. What better way is there to showcase your wit with a funny, yet catchy hashtag?


Who doesn’t want a Couples Catchphrase?! – Instagram famous anyone? That could be you! We have had couples use their personal hashtag for years to come, especially since hashtags for weddings are still a newer trend. You can make great use of your hashtag on and off for the foreseeable future. It literally becomes a personal marketing tool for you as a couple!


Photo Booth Keepsakes – Who doesn’t LOVE a great photo booth. Not only it is fun, but with custom photo booth graphics, you can incorporate your great custom hashtag as well. What an awesome way to commemorate the occasion in the form off a photo keepsake for your guests!

Quality Decorations – If you are forward thinking enough to create your hashtag well in advance of your wedding, then you have the opportunity to incorporate the wedding hashtag into wedding decorations! You can make your invitations even more inviting and your wedding signs even more engaging!


Social Media Digital Album –  Now for the practical usage of a wedding hashtag. It organizes your pictures. A unique hashtag will allow you to get all the awesome pictures off Instagram that your friends took. You will be able to look back years to come and remember all the happy moments surrounding your wedding. If you are a heavy user of Facebook and Instagram you know the feeling of creating awesome posts. So avoid wedding hashtag shame so you can make some great posts!

So now that you see all the great benefits to having your own personalized hashtag, where do you start. Below are a few examples that some of our past clients have come up with:


  • #CrystalFoundHerMattch – With two T’s because it was Crystal and Matt
  • #5YearsInTheBroucks -The Broucks at their 5-year renewal reception.
  • #MeetTheRobinsons – Their new name together
  • #OchoaHeartsConner – both names celebrating their love
  • #OsterMarried – The Ostermillers destination wedding
  • #MartinezForDhemsure – Martinez & Dheming a mix of their last names.