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How to Choose the Perfect DJ

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Choosing the soundtrack for your wedding day can be an intimidating task. While its common to opt for a small quartet of stringed instruments or a cover band to get the mood set, in actuality disc jockeys are among the most popular choice. Since you don’t want to just pick any old name from the barrel, we asked wedding planning experts for some tips to help with your search:

1. Be sure to outline your goals in entirety.

Every single wedding is different, so it’s only right to assume that each wedding will have a different sound. Your wedding soundtrack shapes the mood of your big day. When choosing your Disc Jockey, it’s very important to take into consideration the goals for the reception. Would you like the mood to be more mellow & low-key, or high energy & uplifting?

The DJ you choose should have a well-stocked catalog of popular dance hits, the latest EDM singles, and old favorites everyone knows. If looking for a more classic vibe to your event, legends like – Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and new favorites like John Legend should also be available for a more mellow and moody atmosphere.

2. Select the right DJ for you and your guests

Ask for lots of recommendations. When you need a haircut, you just don’t pick any old stylist–  you may ask around or look at reviews for the best recommendations. If you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your locks, you definitely shouldn’t just choose any old DJ for your music! Your event is momentous, and likewise, the music and reception emcee duties should be placed in the right hands. When you ask for recommendations, you’ll be able to gather information on the top-notch pros in your area and find out who you don’t want to hire as well. This is a super valuable info to have. Finding out who to avoid will help you to narrow down the selections and ultimately find the best option.


3. Conduct Casual Interviews

When you narrow down your list to your top 5, it is important to schedule casual interviews with each. It’s possible to hire a DJ without meeting them first, but you could risk running into some serious issues. When it comes to experience, their affinity to be professional matters.
You cannot trust them to show up on your big day if they can’t meet up to consult with you. Even if every question possible is on their contract or website… it’s still important to meet them personally to ensure everyone is on the same page. In the days leading up to the meeting, write out any questions that concern you. Think about their vibe and ask how they initiate getting the crowd going. No one wants an empty dance floor. Is your prospective DJ willing to emcee the event and make announcements? Will the DJ be able to take song requests? How bolstered is their music catalog? These are all types of questions you should be asking the DJ you’re considering hiring.

4. Get Everything in Writing

To ensure you’re getting all you’ve asked for, make sure to get everything in writing. Having an outlined contract is the best way to know everything your package includes, as well as the cost of services and how/when payments are to be made. Confusion surrounding those details can lead to a huge headache, so it’s best to work it out via contract.
Like mentioned before, DJs are a dime a dozen. So every DJ & DJ company is different. One company‘s policy can differ greatly from the other. Being clear about your expectations is the best was to ensure success. Communication is crucial, no matter the size of your event. The last thing you need to worry about at your wedding is which song to play next. Take our advice and you’ll be dancing down the aisle stress-free!