About me

James Lauderdale

I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer all my adult life. Right after my graduation from the New England School of Photography in Boston, MA I began doing my gigs. After first few years of working for an event agency and with dozens of beautiful wedding sets in my portfolio, I decided to give it a go and opened up my very own wedding photography service.

This is how Focussity was born…

Since then I attended numerous weddings across the US and overseas, where I was blessed to work with the most beautiful couples and the most diverse wedding themes. While capturing it all on film, of course!

Bride’s Choice competition
“Best photo of the year”
Bride’s Choice competition
“Photographer of the year”
Grand Prize
“Only First Half Competition”
Grand-Prize Winner
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Mary Scott
As a bride I understood how important a great wedding photographer is… But nobody wanted to go to  the Palau islands to shoot our wedding. James did and we’re so grateful to him!
John Borthwick
This was my 2nd and my husband’s third wedding. So we aspired to something more unorthodox and unusual this time. We were extra excited when our good mutual friends referred us to James. He did a magnificent job!
Jane Bill

Professional equipment I use when doing wedding photography…

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