Capture the moment and save it forever!
Professional video services for the important moments in life.

Wedding DJ Plus offers high-quality professional video services.

All packages include editing, enhancements and title graphics.

Audio strategically recorded to ensure we capture the important moments.

Packages can be altered and customized to any event.

Fully Equipped Video Packages
We own and use premium, professional gear for your event!

We use different gear for different packages. Some of our upgrades include:

Cinematic lenses for crisp, sharp images and better in low-light situations.

DJI Ronin with 3-axis gimbal for steady tracking shots.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter, for aerial footage.

Premium Video Packages

Book one of our Premium Packages to get the most from our services.

Wedding Video Gold Package

$1695 – 5 HOURS

The Gold Package provides a gorgeous video for a lifetime of memories.

  • Two Videographers on-site
  • Two Cameras
  • Ceremony & Reception
  • DJI Ronin for Ceremony
  • Guest Interviews
  • Video Editing
  • Title Graphics for names and events
  • Full length video
  • 4 DVDs with title menus

Wedding Video Gold Plus Package

$2095 – 6 HOURS

The Gold Plus Package provides an array of professional cine cameras and lenses. With the upgraded gear, quality becomes the forefront of this package. We also provide a Client Liaison Specialist to enhance the experience with social media.

  • Two Videographers
  • Three Cameras
  • Preparation, Ceremony & Reception
  • Video Stabilization Equipment
  • Guest Interviews
  • Client Liaison and event social media
  • Video Editing
  • Title Graphics for names and events
  • Full length video
  • 2 Blu-ray Discs

Wedding Video Platinum Package

$3195 – 8 HOURS

The Platinum Package creates a cinematic masterpiece of your big day and helps to preserve that memory for you forever. Plus you get all the hospitality elements that come with the Gold Plus Package.

  • Three Videographers
  • Four Cameras
  • Preparation, Ceremony & Reception
  • Video Stabilization Equipment
  • Aerial footage
  • Guest Interviews
  • Client Liaison and event social media
  • Video Editing
  • Title Graphics for names and events
  • Full length video
  • Highlight video for web
  • 4 Blu-ray Discs with motion title menus
``I was very satisfied with the services of Wedding DJ Plus company.
They professionally manage DJ and video services for my wedding and they took into account all of my needs and preferences, so my wedding turned out perfect and exactly as I imagined. Also, it was easy to work with them, they were very helpful, professional and reliable. Overall, I was very pleased with their work and I would highly recommend them! `` Yania., Las Vegas, NV
Wedding Video and DJ review, August 2, 2014
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Package Upgrades

See something in a bigger package that you want? Upgrade for just that option.

Preparation Footage Upgrade
Relive those moments before the wedding.

You are nervous, excited and your feelings are out of control. You have the opportunity to relive those moments over and over again, from the makeup to the dress and all the girls and guys making jokes and having fun.

Add a preparation video to your package and complete the day. One camera upgrades start at $250.

Multiple Videographers
Upgrade to 2nd and 3rd man crews to ensure optimal coverage.

When one videographer can capture a majority of the focus points of an event, additional crew means they can spread out and highlight the small details that you picked out for the event.

Additional camera operators come with Gold Packages or higher.

Blu-ray Disc Upgrade
For specialized menus and content

Want to experience your event in full HD quality at home? Upgrade to Blu-ray. Blu-ray also comes with advanced motion title designs and optional bonus feature menus.

Upgrade your package to Blu-ray for $150. 2 Blu-ray copies included.

Video Samples
Coming Soon

We are in the process of upgrading our site. We plan to finish areas like this shortly.

For now we can send you Dropbox links with some examples of our past events.

Please inquire for samples.